The Department of Electronics

The Department of Electronics

Branch of knowledge 0508 “Electronics”

Field of training 6.050801 “Micro – and Nanoelectronics”

Field of training 6.050802 “Electronic Devices and Systems” (Bachelor`s degree program)

The Department of Electronics

Tel: (044)406-71- 30, (044)406-73- 79, (093)670-84- 25

The head of the Department is Yanovskyj Feliks Yosypovych (D.Sc. in Engineering, Prof., a Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine, an Academician of The Academy of Sciences of Applied Radio Electronics of Ukraine, the International Academy of Navigation and Traffic Control, a member of the Transport Academy of Ukraine and The Electromagnetics Academy (Cambridge, Massachusetts, the U.S), IEEE Fellow.

The Department organizes its undergraduate teaching into two fields: 6. 050801 “Micro and Nanoelectronics” and 6. 050802 “Electronic Devices and Systems”.

The Department also offers programs of instruction leading to the Specialist and Master`s degrees in:

  • Physical and Biomedical Electronics
  • Electronic Systems

While studying students get extensive knowledge of algorithmic, program and technical support of electronic systems of modern hardware components, getting and processing signals and electronic information display.

In terms of the specialty “Physical and Biomedical Electronics” the Department prepares Specialist and Master`s degree graduates who are able to design and service biomedical electronic systems for various purposes. Much attention is paid to the most complicated and expensive electronic systems which generate images of the internal structure of research objects, particularly, to micro and nano-electronic systems of biomedical images formation and processing (computerized and magnetic resonance tomography scanners, digital x-ray and ultrasonic systems etc.).

The Department has advanced scientific and production facilities for this specialty in its branch which functions at the leading enterprise of the industry “Teleoptic” and its operational support developing all over the country and around the globe.

The Department also offers training programs for Specialist and Master`s degrees in the specialty “Electronic Systems” focusing on design, manufacturing and various electronic systems operation, their algorithmic and program support, service technologies. Much attention is given to vehicle electronics including computerized car and aviation electronics, safety electronic devices both in transport and in other fields.

In terms of this specialty the Department has extensive manufacturing and creative cooperation with enterprises and universities both in Ukraine and abroad. There is the branch of the department functioning at Buran state research institute. The Department is also developing cooperation with the Belgian company Melexis which operates in the field of electronics for the automotive industry and has its branch in Kyiv.

The Department’s graduates find employment not only in the field of manufacturing and service of modern biomedical and various electronic equipment (including car, aviation and banking electronics) but they also work with computerized controlling systems, control and measuring equipment, communication systems, cryptography and data security, transmission network on the basis of modern microprocessors, microcontrollers, programmed integrated circuits.


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