The Department of Aviation English

The Department of Aviation English

Tel. 497-41-15

Head of department – Pazyura Nataliya, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor.

The air navigation systems subdepartment graduates students of «Transport and transport infrastructure» branch of knowledge and direction 6.070102 «Air Navigation» and provides professional training of specialists in air traffic control and development works on the field of development, designing, researching and operating air navigation systems.

Training of air navigation specialists is carried out in accordance with the following specialties:

  • «Air traffic service»;
  • «Systems of air navigation service».

Students of the air navigation systems subdepartment have opportunity to use up-to- date technology including Global Navigation Satellite System. They have special training in the conditions of implementing new international conceptions on the field of air navigation – CNS/ATM, Free Flight, Single European Sky, Cooperative ATM, Safe Flight, Safety Management Systems.

Training of air traffic controllers (specialty«Air traffic service») is carried out in cooperation with State enterprise of air traffic service of Ukraine «Ukraerorukh».After finishing qualification training students are ready to undergo a training at their working place with the aim of getting air traffic controller’s licence.

Training of engineers (specialty “Systems of air navigation service”) is carried out in accordance with the following specialties:

  • “Radio-electronic systems of the aircraft” – specialists in development, designing, manufacturing, service and maintenance of radio-electronic systems and aircrafts’ equipment particularly modern systems of avionics (Буран, Boeing, Honeywell, Collins, AlliedSignal);
  • “Air navigation systems and facilities” – specialists in development, designing, manufacturing, certification and service of complaint technical systems particularly computer-based systems of air traffic control, simulators for air traffic controllers, air navigation systems (flight and complexes;
  • “Aviation security” – specialists in safety and aviation security, particularly in questions of control of technical equipment’s condition and its certification, control of personnel’s qualification, analysis of flight events and non-admission of actions of unauthorized access into functioning of aviation etc. /strong>

The Department of Aviation English


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