NAU Student Council (SC FAET) – is the student government, is intended to carry out an independent social activities of students on the implementation of management functions institution, NAU Charter defined and implemented by students in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the student groups.
Acting President of the Student Council of the Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications– Kartashova Tatiana

The main purpose of the Student Council are:

  1. ensure that the students of their responsibilities and protect their rights;
  2. promote the harmonious development of the individual student, the formation of his future skills organizer, manager;
  3. improvement of the educational process, quality training, education and spiritual culture of the students, an increase in students of social activity and responsibility for assigned.

Objectives of the Student Council:

  • propagation and development of a corporate culture of pride in their school;
  • coordinate the activities of commanders groups , enforcement of student learning and labor discipline , prompt response to their violation ;
  • coordination of student teachers, mentors academic groups ( curators ) and departments, deans of faculties ;
  • coordinate the activities of student councils of institutes and faculties;
  • inform students about the decision NAU administration , the Academic Council , and more;
  • to ensure and protect the rights and interests of the students;
  • ensure that the students of their duties;
  • formation of students’ national identity , dignity and self-esteem.

We are always open and welcome new face and creative ideas. Develop yourself and learn for us !

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