Light multipurpose convertible aircraft (tiltrotor) CAT-68

The project CAT-68 is performed together with G.B. Group Companies and Avionicat (Spain).

Supervisor of the project – Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior researcher Chepizhenko V.

The aircraft with inclined rotors is more versatile than a helicopter or airplane due to its ability to perform vertical takeoff and landing, it does not need a long runway and it can change its aerodynamic characteristics from helicopter into the aircraft. This aircraft is the perfect version to provide transportation between the cities with a small number of passengers – quickly and efficiently because of its extraordinary flexibility.

Moreover, the aircraft with inclined rotors is able to perform vertical landing in the city center, and is able to fly at high speed much greater than a conventional helicopter.

In response to market expectations as a result of steady growth in passenger traffic, the European helicopter manufacturers have joined forces in the development of civil aircraft with inclined rotors Civil Tilt Rotor (CTR).



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