Orientation at the College of Engineering and Management

Meeting with the management of “Kyivpribad”
SkyUp Student Internship

December 12 representatives of the Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and
of telecommunications Hnatyuk V.O. (photo 1), Gabrusenko E.I. (photo 2) and Varchenko
OI (Photo 3) visited the NAU College of Engineering and Management as part of the team
our university. During the meeting, they talked about specialties,
features of entry and study and further employment. In addition,
appreciation was expressed to the college leadership for the excellent graduates
of past years, who later became our wonderful students and
the kind of alumni we are proud of.
Graduates of schools and colleges, do not delay – in this fleeting time
choose your future! You can learn about specialties and features of training
find out on the pages of our site, and better contact them
contacts and visit your place of study!

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