Training Center of Air Navigation Services

Training Center of Air Navigation Services

In order to improve the training efficiency of the specialists on air navigation flight support and for the rational use of available material and technical base of NAU by the decision of the university Scientific Board and the rector’s decree, Teaching and Experimental Center of Information Technologies was transferred to FAET, which was renamed into the Training and Research Center of Air Navigation Services.At this center, the former signals training area, all three graduating departments of FAET always held and currently hold their training.

At the centre there are:

  • Control tower
  • Radio equipment and systems

Academic work:

  • Academic studies provision
  • Ensuring the introductory and engineering internships

Scientific work:

  • The research and development of modern radio engineering systems of flight operations, specifically the systems of communication and air navigation surveillance.

Laboratory equipment:

  • Half-sets controller radar DRL-7SM
  • Remote equipment of the remote control landing radar RP-3G
  • Drive airfield station PAR-10C
  • Transmitter “Polet-2”
  • Receiver “Polet”
  • Radio station R-140m2
  • Receivers: “Riabiny”, “Sosna”, “Baklan-RN”
  • Radio stations: “Bereza” “Schegol”
  • Receiver R-250
  • Radio station inspection Stand “Baklan-5″ and R-863

There is such equipment on the centre territory as:

  • Radar touchdown RP-3G
  • Radio Engineering range navigation system RSBN-4H
  • Radio Engineering range navigation system RSBN-6H
  • Automatic radio direction finder ARP-75
  • ATC radar DRL-7SM
  • Radar airfield complex RPL-5E
  • Secondary radar “Koren-AS”
  • Highway radar IRL-139 (“Mech”)
  • Instrumental landing system SP-80


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