International projects and programs.

National Aviation University, including the Institute of Air Navigation, is involved in many international projects and programs. The most significant ones are the following:


Tempus is a program of external assistance of the European Union. Its purpose is to promote the modernization of higher education system in the partner countries (neighboring countries) of EU through increased cooperation between higher education institutions in the EU Member States and partner countries. Tempus program provides funding to encourage interaction and balanced cooperation between higher education institutions in the partner countries and the member countries of the European Union. The program is an annual competition, ie grants based on contests (Calls for proposals) and multilevel evaluations of applications submitted according to the prescribed format.

Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus is a student exchange program created by the European Union to improve the mobility of European students and improve the quality of higher education by funding academic cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world. Unlike Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus is available not only for Europeans.

The program is implemented in three main areas:

  1. Joint masters and doctoral programs providing scholarship support
  2. Partnership between Universities
  3. Increase in the attractiveness of European higher education

Every year education program finances a certain number of students. Grants and scholarships may partially or fully cover the cost of tuition, medical insurance policy, accommodation and flight to the host country. Bachelors, masters, postgraduate students and teachers can participate in the program.

7th Research Framework Programme (FP7)

Since 1984, research and innovation organizations in the EU are grouped in one big program called the Framework Programme (FP). Research programs within the EU are the main financial and legal instruments for the implementation of the European Research Area (ERA).


EWENT (East-West European Network on higher Technical education) – is a program that can be seen as part of joint cooperation and partnership between Eastern and Western Europe. The project aims basically to launch research and education network that includes many universities from the European Union, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. EWENT project was selected under the Erasmus Mundus Action II, which manages the Scholarship programs funded by the European Commission. EWENT program is focused on research in technical and technological fields. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and skills among people in higher education.

In addition, online learning is available. Free e-learning at the National Open University "YNTUYT" is a convenient way to gain knowledge that will help you get a new job and occupy a higher position. DDP "YNTUYT" introduces the following distance learning programs:

  • Higher Education
  • Second Higher Education
  • retraining
  • Certification training
  • 528 free courses
  • 166 video courses
  • 31 certification
  • 25 courses from the Academy of Intel
  • 101 Academy course from Microsoft



Coursera is a project that brought together the world's best universities. Professors from Washington, Minnesota, Michigan, Taiwan, Beijing and other leading universities are happy to conduct free courses of online education for students from all over the world. From now you can gain additional knowledge from leading experts online and free. For that you should register and choose the course.

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