Telecommunication systems department

Telecommunication systems department

Minor 6.050903 “Telecommunication”
Telecommunication systems department

Tel. 408-18-38, 406-79-41

   The Head of the Department – Konakhovych Georgiy, Sc. D., Professor, the Honoured worker of transport.

The telecommunication systems department works in the field of “Radio engineering, radio-electronic devices and communication” majoring in 6.050903 “Telecommunication”. The department provides the training in the area of engineering and operating the advanced ICS, mobile and satellite-radio communication systems, automatic systems of commutation, global and local networks of data transmission, wired and wireless computer networks, as well as aeronautical devices.

The training in the major “Telecommunication” is carried out in accordance with the following speciality:

  • “Telecommunication systems and networks”.

The special attention is paid on the technology of information security in telecommunication systems and networks. The research activity is made in the area of operating aeronautical radio-electronic and telecommunication systems; information security in the special information communication systems; the theory and practice of engineering of advanced information and communication systems; the development of methods and regulations for operating telecommunication systems and networks.

Those studying the speciality “Telecommunication” will be competitive in the world labour market in the abovementioned area.

Telecommunication systems department

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