General Information

The activities of the  Institute of AirNavigation (IAN) in international relations are aimed at establishing and developing international relations and international cooperation of the Institute in scientific, educational and other fields through organizational measures to create a range of international partners, additional sources of financing IAN, to create conditions for cooperation with foreign citizens , educational establishments, research institutions, international organizations and foundations.

The main international cooperation of IAN is:

  • joint projects with foreign partners and programs;
  • education and training students abroad;
  • in-service training specialists, training scientists and postgraduate training in foreign educational and research institutions;
  • organization of visits by foreign educational institutions, research institutions and other organizations to lecture in IAN, exchange of experience and negotiation;
  • organization and holding of international conferences and congresses;
  • cooperation with other countries, foreign organizations and enterprises in the fields of training, skills development;
  • organization of joint cultural events with foreign partners;
  • implementation of other forms of international cooperation.

The basis for international cooperation is bilateral or multilateral agreements between IAN and its foreign partners and international projects of the University. Between the structural units of the Institute of Air Navigation and foreign partners over 20 agreements were concluded that open up greater opportunities for multilateral cooperation.


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