The expert commission of the Faculty of Air Navigation, Electronics and Telecommunications

The composition of the expert committee:
Head of Commission:Ihor Machalin – Decan of FAET, Doctor of Engineering, Prof.;
Deputy head of the commission:Hryhorii F. Konahovych – Head of Telecommunication Systems Department, Doctor of Engineering, Prof.
Secretary:Igor Brown – PhD.
Members of the Commission:Roman Odarchenko – PhD., Olga Sushchenko, Doctor of Engineering, Prof.

The expert commission of the FAET evaluates materials for compliance with the Code of information constituting state secrets №440 of 12.08.2005., and the List of confidential information held by the State in the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №5dsk 14.02.02 and gives permission to publish in open media.

LAW OF UKRAINE “On State Secrets”

The documents submitted in printed form for examination regulations

  • examination certificate (2 copies),  Download the form
  • material to review (article, thesis papers), signed by the author on the back page (1 copy)
  • extract from the minutes of the Department meeting with resolution for publication (1 copy)
  • information about the author (surname, first name, middle name, place of principal employment, position, contact telephone number, email address) (2 copies)
  • a list of references, printed on a separate sheet (1 copy)
  • the author certificate from the place of employment(for authors who work for other establishments 1 copy)

Prepared materials in the file should be submitted to the Secretary of the expert committee Igor M. Brown Room 11.323.

The expert commission reviews the material provided once a week.

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