Department of Aviation Computer Integrated Systems

Department of Aviation Computer Integrated Systems

Head of the department: Synyehlazov Viktor Mykhaylovych
15 “Automation and instrumentation”
tel: 044 406-74-12, 044 408-85-55

During its history the department of aviation computer integrated systems carried out the training of specialists on aeronautical navigation (computer-integrated) complexes and on-board systems of automated control. The aviation profile of the specialty remains at present and the training of the specialists is carried out. Graduates of the department in the specialty “Automation and computer-integrated technologies” are in demand at many enterprises of the aviation infrastructure in Ukraine, ranging from the development, production, research and servicing of on-board computer integrated systems to the automated service complexes in the airports.

Graduates of the department are in demand at many high-tech enterprises in Ukraine, in particular, the Antonov State Company(formerly the Aeronautical Scientific-Technical Complex named Antonov (Antonov ASTC), State enterprise of a special instrumentation Arsenal (Arsenal factory), State Joint Stock Holding Company “ARTEM”, “Luch” Design Bureau, Public Joint-stock company “Research Production Association” Kyiv Automatics Plant”” (formerly Automatics Plant named after M.Petrovsky), as well as airports in Ukrainian cities. The specialists who have received training and education in this specialty in accordance with the concept of dual use and development of the security and defense sector of Ukraine (Presidential Decree of March 14, 2016, No. 92/2016) can perform the duties of engineers for servicing and navigating complexes in aviation and missile-space military units, upgrade and modernize the combat aircraft fleet, ensure the commissioning of aviation multipurpose aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles taking into account the international standards requirements. Being experienced generalists (experts) in the specialty “Automation and computer-integrated technologies” as the engineers on computer-integrated technologies and computer systems the graduates of the department are in great demand in many branches of the national economy, ranging from agricultural field enterprises, financial institutions, the industrial complex enterprises to the aerospace research organizations.

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