Aviation Radioelectronic Complexes department

Aviation Radioelectronic Complexes department


Minor 6.050901 “Radio engineering”

Aviation Radioelectronic Complexes department

Tel. 406-79-84, 406-74-79


   The Head of the Department – Vasyliev Volodymyr, Sc. D., Professor.

The Aviation Radioelectronic complexes department works in the field of “Radio engineering, radio-electronic devices and communication” in the major of 6.050901 “Radio engineering”. The department provides the training in the area of engineering and operating radio communication system; radiolocation; radio navigation; protective and surveillance systems.

The training in the major “Radio engineering” is carried out in accordance with the following speciality:

  • «Radioelectronic devices, systems and complexes»;
  • «Apparatus of radio communication, broadcasting and television».

It is expected that students get qualification according to the principles of engineering land-based radiolocation and navigation systems; radio communication systems that are used for managing the air traffic control; communication and navigation satellite systems; electronic devices of protective and fire alarm systems; baggage handling system at airports of the civil aviation. The training covers the range of theoretical and practical skills associated with technical operating of radio-electronic complexes, that are used in the aviation industry as well as in others.

The course aims to give students a proper qualification in the abovementioned area. The main focus is on the organization and putting into practice the operations in the complicated technological process when handling advanced radio-electronic systems and complexes.

Aviation Radioelectronic Complexes department


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